July 23, 2009

Mondo water

The weather has been monsoon-like since June and we have had some smaller rain showers, but nothing to write home about (or a blog), and not enough to have the grass green up all over the hillsides.

Well, yesterday we had our first, and hopefully not last, major rain. Over an inch fell in about an hour. Of course that was the hour I had to leave for the airport to pick up my friend Linda. I was indecisive whether to leave early or to wait it out, so I ended up going towards the end of the storm: the worst time.

I drove/floated Subie down our road hoping to make it to the pavement but came to a halt at the first dip/wash where the water was deep as well as running fast. I chickened out, called Dan to get the truck ready, and backed all the way back home. Together we came to the same wash and Dan just gunned it. We made it to the pavement just fine and it looked as if it had hardly rained there at all.

By the time we got Linda at the airport and drove back there was hardly a puddle where there had been a river! I felt pretty foolish, but if I had gotten the car stuck, or afloat, I would not have been so pleased either.

Last night was the first night for the frogs in our "pond" to wake up and try to find a girlfriend. There was a lot of croaking and bleating going on and one of them was still at this morning.

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