March 9, 2009

Spring rain

It happens when you least expect it. Last week there was talk of a 40% chance of rain, and that's all that's needed to start the "rain twitter". But, we just got heavy winds and the rain passed us by. The forecast for today was sunny, so I had every intention of going riding. Then clouds descended yesterday afternoon and it rained most of the night. We got almost 0.5"! How lovely for the plants! There is new growth on many of them, some trees and shrubs have already leafed out, and the hills are getting that green cast from new grass sprouting. I am glad I persisted yesterday and finished pruning for this year in a 5-hour finale.

Not so fun is the combination of dogs and mud. When it has just rained the ground is soft and sticks to the soles of your shoes, and it packs between the dogs paw pads. Other than with a hose, it is hard to get that off with a towel so after the early morning ablutions Shawna and Emma will be inside for awhile. It reminded me of the rain, mud, dogs and doggie laundry in Oregon. Not missing that.

I plan to spend the morning planting more seeds. Some of the tomatoes, peppers and melons have sprouted and will be transferred to the cold frame soon. More room on the heating pads. Then I will do some extra knitting on my second sock. Could be wearing them this morning ...

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