March 20, 2009

Leafing out

It's back to "work" after our vacation with Shannon: Dan worked on the shop/shed porch roof this morning, while I waged war on the invasive spurge that I unknowingly imported with a potted plant a couple of years ago.

Going around the yard with my sprayer, it was nice to catch up with the plants now that spring is officially about to start. Some of the non-native trees, such as the fruit trees, have been leafed out since February, but today I noticed leaves on the Velvet Ash. Even some of the mesquites are leafing out. Local lore has it that when the mesquites leaf out, winter is over and there will be no more frost. Soon the desert will be mostly green again, rather than the grey black of winter. By the way, is this a sorry excuse for a bud or what?

The Schott's yucca is about to unfurl one of its blooms and one of the penstemons is blooming as well. Insects were standing in the wings to take advantage of the nectar, as was the hummingbird.

The seedlings are doing well. They spend the day in the cold frame and the night in the garage still, as they seem too fragile to deal with 40 degree nights. I will have to thin them soon.

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