March 10, 2009

Lots-of-hair day

The weather has cleared and the horses are back to their mellow self. It is such fun to watch them when the arena is muddy and the weather is cool. Like yesterday when I let them out: they put on the biggest rodeo display you ever saw. There's bucking and rearing, and running the Derby, all at the same time, all three at once. Then when the edge is off, there is the rolling in the mud. From tail to eye lashes.

This morning I decided I had better do something about the mud, and all the hair that they are shedding or it would take me an hour of grooming before I would be able to go for a ride. I think the brushing is appreciated in spite of them loving mud. Perhaps it is a way to get some special attention and a bit of a spa day. Here is Cody, the off side is clean, and the hair I got off of Buggsy as well. Bueno does not shed as much. He packs on fat during the winter, rather than hair.

Dan is making good progress on the shop/shed porch, and I think it looks great.

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Shannon said...

It does look great! And in just a couple of days I will get to see it in person! I'm making sure to pack comfy/sturdy shoes for hiking/riding. :)