March 5, 2009

Getting ready for Spring

And not a moment too soon! Perennials are coming up, trees are leafing out, and I feel that I am so behind. How can that have happened? I live for gardening and it is not that I have a job that sucks up all of my time. But believe me, I am busy!

This week we did pour the foundation for the shop/shed porch, so construction is next which means that Dan will spend some time in the shop getting wooden fillers ready that fill in the gaps between the metal siding of the shop/shed and the header. Timing of that is perfect as I will have time to continue pruning.

The hardest part is dealing with the mesquites. I planted a couple of Chilean mesquites, and their thorns are fierce. Thankfully it has been a bit cloudy and windy so I have been glad wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but inspite of that I look as if I have been in a cat fight. I still have another day or so to go. The trees do shape up nicely, and it gives the yard less of a "wild" look as opposed to the mesquites growing all around us.

I also planted the majority of the tomato, pepper and melon seeds. Dan made some fabulous flats for them to sit in during the first weeks of their life. Unfortunately I ran out of potting soil, so will have to wait to plant the flower and herb seeds. I wonder what all I am going to do with about a hundred new little plants. They will all have to find homes.

Meanwhile I noticed flowerbuds on the hedgehog cactus, and the yucca will be sending up its spectacular flower again this year. As a matter of fact, there will be two of them.

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