March 29, 2009

Shop/shed roof

I suppose we could have raised the flag, but putting the metal on the shop/shed porch was not a major event this morning. Good thing we started early because the Spring winds have arrived. They generally pick up at 11 am sharp, but we were already done by then.

The porch makes this great building even better. I can't remember that we have ever done a project that has come out as well. We still have to finish the "floor" by putting sand and pavers down. Then it just needs a great big pot with colorful plants and a hummingbird feeder.

I have decided to name the intrepid baby bunny 007. I don't know how many lives he thinks he has, but I had to rescue him again this morning. Emma was trying to play with him and got him good and wet. He appeared otherwise unharmed, so back to the tack room he went.

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