March 31, 2015

Of mice and Roadie

Yesterday afternoon the young road runner was back in the chicken yard again. Why is this suddenly happening? I think we have a theory.

Last week I thoroughly cleaned the coop, a half-yearly event, and because there are still mice hanging around I asked Dan to attach some flashing in the coop corners. This is where the mice go in and out after they have munched a hole in the wood lining. I know this change has the mice worried as I saw one peek out of a still unprotected section.

Here is Roadie with a gift for his/her mate, making an offering with the characteristic coo-coo sound.

1 comment:

webb said...

So, Roadie II is hunting in your hen yard. Pretty smart. The county says that unless the grounfhog starts causing big problems - large holes in the yard or digging close to foundations - we should find a way to co-exist until s/he decides to move on. Basically ok with us, as longas s/he leavesthe veggies alone.