March 6, 2015

First egg

Yesterday my Welsh blogger friend Elizabeth ( wrote that her hens had started laying again after the winter's rest. Daylight hours have to be long enough for hens to produce, and lo and behold this morning one of our new pullets laid her first egg. I wonder who it was? No matter, I am sure it will be delicious and I will poach it for Dan tomorrow.

Perhaps this was a present for (absent) ranch caretaker Linda, in honor of her birthday today? I would have cooked it to your specs, Linda. Happy Birthday!


webb said...

Maybe it was an early celebration of Daylight Savings Time? It's such a pretty color.

Anneke said...

No daylight savings time in Arizona :-)).

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

We are getting around seven eggs a day right now and having trouble keeping up. Most meals contain a compulsory egg or two!