March 23, 2015

Smells so good

When we had this house built, more than 12 years ago, the site was razed of all vegetation. This was not my idea and I was not happy, but I was not here to do anything about it. So on the one hand I had "the blank canvas" and could plant anything wherever I pleased, but I had a house nestled in grown-up native vegetation in mind: something unobtrusive that would blend the best it could into the landscape.

It is not that easy to find nurseries that carry native vegetation, after all are they not "weeds"? But I found some and after years of planting and some drip irrigation, I am happy with the "yard". It all comes down to cooperation with Mom. I plant some stuff that belongs and she does the rest.

So it goes with this Berlandiera lyrata, commonly known here as "chocolate flower" because that's what the blooms smell like. I bought one plant and it being happy here, it has naturalized all over the place. Not always where I would have put it, but then it self seeds in spots where I do like it, so it all works out.

No daffodils here (wildlife digs and eats), but chocolate flower. And it blooms until frost, given some moisture now and then.


webb said...

It's pretty! As good as all yhe daffodilsthat are finally blooming here. Assume you have tried High Country Gardens for xeri-plants??

Anneke said...

Yes, I have, and without any luck unfortunately.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

It is very much the same here, but with wildly different plants! There are lots of things which won't grow but find the ones that want to, native to this area and used to the hill and the wind, and they self seed all over the place.