March 30, 2015


Who did I find on the roost in the chicken coop this morning, cool as a cucumber? This is a young road runner, and probably one who was hatched in the horse barn last year. Road runners do fly, but mainly in short bursts to get to, or away, from something. This one cleared a six foot fence to get into the yard, so he/she must have seen something interesting.

Dan thought perhaps it was looking for a nesting spot, but I certainly hope not because this is not going to work. A raptor rooming with chickens? As it is I wonder about the eggs in the nesting boxes as they would be a wonderful meal for a road runner. I will keep a sharp eye out.

I had quite a time convincing this bird to leave. Flying straight up is not the road runner way and it is not easy in the chicken yard to get a run at it with the vegetation obstructing. It finally flew up on "the chicken hospital" which is stored on its side and in the corner of the yard. Having grown up here he/she was quite unafraid and decided to catch some rays (hence the exposed back down) before leaping down and making its round through the yard.

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