February 27, 2015


Years ago I planted two honeysuckle vines against the trellis hiding our propane tank, and a volunteer butterfly bush joined them. When the plants bloom I take in deep breaths on my way to the coop or to shop/shed as I love their fragrance.

They were getting well overgrown though and this was the year to sacrifice the blooms to give them a new lease on life. Several pickup truck loads later the plants look much different but I saw that it only took two days for new growth to pop out of old vines.

Meanwhile we are enjoying Spring-like weather whereas "Back East" is still snowed in. Here is the picture of my favorite tree on our property: the apricot. It has gorgeous blooms, has a sweet fragrance and lovely bark and produces delicious fruit. Hopefully there will be no more serious freezes so we will be able to enjoy the hard work the bees are doing right now.


webb said...

You may force me to plant an apricot tree. They are my favorite fruit and it is desperately difficult to get them here at the proper ripeness.

And, apricot jam or blackberry/apricot - let me count the ways i love them! Will have to think seriously about that.

On a new note ... finally got the photo of the cactus wrens in the snow "done". I got one of those canvas prints and i really like it. Had planned to put it in the bath, but it may go in the soon-to-be-music room instead. I really do love it. Thanks.

Anneke said...

I agree, a ripe apricot is a special treat.

Cool that the cactus wren photo turned out well. You can "be in the desert" any time you want to ;-).

Jon said...

On the other side of the "rejuvenation" coin, here's a story about an 80-yr old agave that has finally bloomed (and therefore is soon to perish):


Thought you might appreciate the juxtaposition :-)

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

The blossom on your apricot tree is amazingly beautiful. I adore apricots but they would never grow up here in North Wales. It is hard even to buy good ones here. When I go to France or Italy I am reminded of how wonderful they should be! Lucky you.