August 4, 2014

Happy barrel

We have had some more rain, and it has been lovely. The hillsides are green, mesquite trees are blooming again and there are weeds everywhere. I am taking a big breath on the latter because with the 20 acres we have there is no fighting that battle. After all, this is a ranch and not a golf course. So I just keep weeds in the garden in some measure of control.

This barrel cactus is a first time bloomer in our backyard. It was gifted to me by my friend Phil who found it rolling around in a wash after heavy rain. I am always one to add more natives to the backyard so I was happy to give it a spot. Last fall the poor thing had to fight off a javelina attack, but after being put back in its place it seemed happy. And now it showed how happy.


webb said...

It's gorgeous!! But ... what's a javelin? And why did it attack a cactus? doesn't seem like a smart thing to do ... just sayin'

Anneke said...

A javelina is a peccary. It eats the roots of cacti and agaves and will dig them up. They are ugly enough to be kinda cute. Take a look here