August 5, 2014

Summer fruit

It was a lovely crop of peaches this year, but sadly it is almost at an end. I am not much for canning, but most of the fruit was quartered and put into freezer bags to provide us with peach smoothies and pancake topping the rest of the year. Our little freezer is full, and spite of eating peaches all during the day, I have not had my fill yet.

I can say with confidence that none of the fruit was wasted. The birds had their share, as had the insects, the bunnies and jack rabbits cleaned up whatever fell off the trees, and there still was plenty for us.

Strangely, the coyotes do not seem to have a taste for peaches. This spring they completely cleaned out the apple trees, and even climbed them to get to the fruit. I sure wish I could have gotten a picture of that. All the evidence was there though, with broken branches, half-eaten apples and coyotes slinking off when we surprised them.

I am looking forward to our pears next. It is the first year one of the three trees has fruit on it and it looks gorgeous. Just in case the coyotes have an appetite for them, I asked Dan to put field fencing around the tree far enough away that there will be no climbing and stealing those lovelies. I hope they will taste good; the apples are ho-hum anyway.

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webb said...

So VERY jealous of your fruit trees! They grow here, of course, but not on our tiny lot.

You could do a bit of "small batch" canning. (I use my largest frying pan to make jam and then "can" it in half pints in my spaghetti pot. It only takes about 2-3 pounds of stone fruit for a nice batch ... and that's not many peaches, and only a couple of hours' work.

See for good recipes, easy directions and inspiration.