July 30, 2014

What I found one morning

It is a snake skin shed by a diamondback rattlesnake. I guess it was time for him or her to grow. It just laid there by the garbage cans …, something to make you go uhmmm …

The thing to remember is that a snake will not strike unless threatened as we are not on the menu (too big to swallow). If he does strike it means no meal for awhile as it takes time to manufacture more venom, so he will be choosy. Living here you watch where you step and don't put your hand in obscure spots. Still, we do not encourage rattlers around the house and they get transported into the desert if they take up residence here.

So this morning I confess to letting out a bloodcurdling scream as I inadvertently pushed a beautiful, brand-new looking rattler off the front door mat with the door on my way outside. I bet it is the same guy or girl that left me the skin.


webb said...

Yuck! Am rather attached to my black snake (loving called "Snicky") and the ribbon garter, but can't make myself have good thoughts about any sort of rattler. It does look like a pretty skin, tho. Enjoy!

Aaron said...

Glad you work with them, rather than extermination.