August 5, 2014

A horsey good morning

There is this small triangle between the horse stalls, the arena, and both the round pens where I planted a pecan tree a couple of years ago to provide a bit of shade (eventually). It gets watered regularly and with the bermuda grass that we feed the horses, a nice crop of grass has taken hold. Right now it is luscious and very green, and it must drive the boys to distraction to have all this deliciousness just out of reach. I have come to the conclusion that horses are long-suffering animals, being so totally dependent on their owner. Nothing more sad that see a horse standing in overgrazed desert with good green grass just outside its fence.

This morning we removed one of the round pen panels to give the guys access to this little patch. They could hardly wait for me to open more gates so they could have at it. Strangely, Cody, who we consider not to be the brightest crayon in the box, found the grass first. Bueno explored the green edges and Buggsy had to first roll in sand and have a good run.

I stood guard as horses in tight spaces do not always make sound decisions, but they were all totally engrossed in the food and even left the pecan tree alone. I gave them about 30 minutes of fun as I don't relish the idea of colicky horses, and I think they enjoyed their time grazing.

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webb said...

Cody looks like the definition of "happy horse" rolling in the sand.

Had first photog class today - so excited! Have already started on the homework!!