August 14, 2014

Summer storm

Last night when we came outside to put the chickens to bed and take fly masks off the horses, the sun had already set and everything was bathed in golden light. A huge rainbow was overhead and we were surrounded by thunderstorms. Dan took some stills and also this short video.

Towards the end you will see a ladderback woodpecker appear who pops into the hole in the agave stalk where he was hatched. So cool!

If you have a device that does not support Flash (shame on Apple), you can also see the video here What a gorgeous time of year.


webb said...

ow. That's a great storm and gorgeous sky. Looks like something out of an old western movie. Loved the hammers, too.

Emily said...

Just like CBS Sunday morning's Moment in Nature at the end of each of their episodes! Fantastic!!

Anneke said...

Hi Emily,

It has been a long time … How nice to hear from you again :-)