February 8, 2011

Tough life

You need to be of a special mettle when you are a plant or animal in the desert. Last week they endured below 0 windchills; today it is 65 degrees, but with wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. They have not seen any moisture since a snow storm in early January. Life is tough!

We are inside today, in spite of brilliant sunshine. This is not the day to be hiking, or sifting manure for the garden. Ptuh! Thankfully the wind is only gusty at these high speeds so the birds can make an occasional approach to the birdfeeders, and the animals can get a drink from the wildlife dish in between the white caps.

From time to time the house is completely engulfed in a dust storm and we see topsoil disappearing down our road. Hopefully the wind will die down tomorrow so I can turn on the landscape irrigation.


webb said...

That is an almost haunting photo. So lovely, but then it's dust. I often think how you live in tune with the nature around you - carving out your home, while respecting those of the plants and animals in your 'hood. the birds and critters are lucky to have you.

Hope it stops blowing soon, so you can save your top soil.

Anneke said...

I admit it has been quite an experience for this city girl. I did not realize how important it is to live WITH nature, the weather. It humbles you, makes you appreciate what all we have, and how precious it all is ... It's difficult to explain.