February 28, 2011

Pyjama Sunday

We woke up to arctic conditions: sideways snow, no neighbors, no mountains. It had been in the forecast, but we get a lot of "the sky is falling" predictions here. Nonetheless, we were ready with some wood for the fireplace and were looking forward to a day on the couch with dogs and books. I decided to leave the horses in their stalls, and found that at 9:00 am the roadrunner was still in bed. No use going to look for lizards and insects in the snow - smart girl.

It is nice that even though it snows we always have a patch of bare ground to feed the birds and other wildlife.

Then the power cycled a number of times and finally went off completely, but not to worry as there was plenty of light and the fire was going. When we got hooked up to civilization again, we found that my poor 'puter was in need of open-HD-surgery and it took my sweet, geeky, husband the rest of the day and part of this morning to perform the procedure.  But I am back in operation again, with no data lost, and ready for the "Bloom blog".

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