February 7, 2011

Monday hike

After a week of cold weather, even by non-desert standards, we are back to normal: light frost at night and low 60's during the day. A perfect day for a little hike out back.

We decided to go down my favorite wash to see whether the bee hive was still there and do so before the bees wake up. The wash is deep, and was carved when the climate was a lot wetter. The walls are made up of sedimentary materials, as in rocks held together by compacted soil, and not all that stable. There is always some scrambling over rocks and fallen trees, especially after our relatively wet summer. There is one small cataract where the rocks are very interesting.

Once the wash got too overgrown and the going got too rough, we went up one of the sides and had a snack on top of one of the surrounding hills. From there we saw our next promontory excursion. Emma says she's in.


webb said...

Low 60's in February - I am so envious! That's a neat bees' nest - if that is what it is? - thanks for sharing it. Hike well!

Anneke said...

It is an amazing bee hive, and quite large, about 2 ft x 2 ft. Every year it appears to get bigger.