August 27, 2010

Goodbye Cindy

We have been taking care of Cindy's horses for the last 5 months while she was in Vermont, staying cool and making hay. Cindy's initial thought was that she would be back to spend winter, but she changed her mind, decided to sell the house and ship the horses back to Vermont.

So today was the day for Equine Express to come and pick up Sophie, Pearl, Jazz, and Dooley, and for us to have our appointments with the ophthalmologist in Tucson and then run home to meet the truck and help load horses. Of course EE was early and we were late, and it was not until 1 pm that we arrived bleary eyed from the eye exam.

The driver was uneasy about the driveway hill and opted to stay out on the road, so we loaded hay with the tractor, and walked the horses to the transport. Of course the moment we had horses in hand, the sky opened up with lightning, thunder and a good shower, just to say farewell to the horses, I suppose.

Thankfully there was no trouble loading, but I think some hoarse horses will be arriving in Texas, the first leg of their long journey home, as they were screaming going down the road.

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DJ said...

Well, I know that you all will miss Cindy very much. Maybe a trip to Vermont is in the future?