August 9, 2010

Do over

The garden was a holy mess after the hail storm and all the rain. I could not stand it any longer and went out this morning to tackle it, while Dan took Cody out for a ride and some grazing.
All the cucumbers are gone, as are the non-producing tomatoes and all the flowers. I left the cantaloupes because they still have ripening fruit; the winter squash is a bit iffy with mildew, but I left them too. Planted a couple more tomatoes, another zucchini and cucumber, and a new row of lettuce. One never knows with the weather out here; after all, we generally do not get frost until January.

As Dan was cleaning Bueno's stall he found these 2 Gambel's quail chicks in the water bucket. Thankfully the water was low enough so they did not drown. One of them ran off home, peeping all the way, the other needed a bit of time to recover, but finally set out for home too.

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Merri said...

yay! saved some quail. that's good quail karma, and you never know when that will come in handy.
- The Equestrian Vagabond