August 8, 2010

Is this a desert?

We took the horses out this morning, after having conquered our colds and feeling somewhat caught up around the ranch. There were several objectives: for Dan to try out his new endurance saddle (he loves it!), and for the horses to get some grazing in. So we took the Windmill Trail and were surprised to find flash flooding had rearranged several of the smaller washes. Grass was laying flat, lots of rocks had come down, and our trail had been wiped out.

Both Bueno and Buggsy could hardly wait to get their teeth into some of that luscious green grass. Bueno was cramming it in as fast as he could, and Buggs, remembering his days on the string, did lots of nibbling along the way without breaking stride.

It is really green, and the ocotillos are in serious "velvet". I don't think there is room for any additional leaves.

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Shannon said...

Holy cow! That is some serious foliage!