August 5, 2010

Little and big

It had been awhile since we went on a real vacation, and it amazes me that you can totally get out of a routine in just a little over a week. What do we usually have for breakfast? It also made me realize how good it is to get away from time to time, in spite of the fact that we love our life and this beautiful place, and that it is never dull. Travelling does expand your horizons, and does wonderful things to your head. We should do more of it!

So we have been back just a few days, and hardly back into some routine, and the desert has already surprised us again. Dan picked up what he thought was a piece of straw, then it moved and turned out to be a tiny walking stick.

This morning a tarantula narrowly escaped an oat-and-vitamin avalanche in Bueno's dish. We thought he was not in the safest of places with hooves around so we relocated him to more protective mesquite bushes.

The Rain Goddess left us some rain in her jet wash. A storm, just over a small area that included the WD, just dumped 1 3/4" of rain. Another reprieve for the toadlets in the pond.

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