May 29, 2009

Summer project

We have a couple of small projects slated for this summer at the WD, but our main activity this summer will be helping our friends (and next door neighbors) David and Barbara build their strawbale house. They have been weekend residents for a couple of years and during that time have built an adobe cabin, the Bear Cave, and a strawbale utility building.

Last weekend we helped move them from Tucson, and today was our first day of lending a hand with the house. Over the spring Dave and Barbara already prepared the building site, brought in utilities and set the foundation. This week was spent building the window and door bucks, which are the boxes here on the ground.

Dave and Dan spent the most of the time today setting these bucks in place while Barbara and I set strawbales.

We are having some interesting weather after a significant storm a week ago: it is as if the monsoons have already arrived. The mornings are clear, then clouds build up and during the afternoon it is partly overcast with a chance of rain. Of course we got rained on today, so we quit at 2. We'll be back tomorrow.

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DJ said...

I can't wait to see how the roof goes up...we are also expecting an early monsoon season as well!

Love you,

P.S. The "kid" leaves for Ghana today!!!!!!!!!