April 29, 2009

Grow, garden, grow

I finished up planting the garden today: the peppers were last to go in. I had great success last year with peppers which is no surprise since our valley is one of the biggest producers of chile peppers in the country. I don't grow that many hot ones, but the orange bell peppers were outstanding. So I upped the pepper plant count to 12, and hope I did not overplant. The seedlings looked too good to be languishing in a pot anyway.

I always have to take a "beginning of the season" picture because it never looks like this for long, and you tend to forget how it all got started.

For those of you not in the know: all that hardware of various forms is to discourage the wildlife, mainly birds so far, and give the little plants a chance. Once they reach some size some leaf stealing is not a big deal. Notice the picked-over head of lettuce that I offered as a bribe. So far it has kept the birds off the other plants. Some tomatoes already have flowers, as do some of the cantaloupes.

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