April 2, 2009

The bloomin' desert

It is still early, and there is a lot of bud setting, especially on the prickly pear species, but I wanted to share this beautiful hedgehog cactus bloom.

There are many shrubs blooming too, but most of the flowers are inconspicuous, although not to the insects. Desert shrubs and trees have small leaves, and their blooms are tiny. Not the blooms of the cacti, or those of the ocotillo. These blossoms appear at the ends of gray thorny branches, often without leaves. The leaves appear after summer rains, in about 72 hours. The plant looks totally different then, soft and fuzzy, but beware the thorns among the leaves.

The Schott's yucca is now in full bloom in the yard.

Who says the desert is a dry and lifeless place?

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