April 16, 2009

I feel the need for heat

So much for the folktale that when the mesquites leaf out there will be no more frost. They have been leafed out for a couple of weeks, and there was ice on the birdbath and the wildlife dish this morning. This after a big wind storm yesterday. Thankfully the winds were not sustained, but we had 50 mph gusts. The house creaked and we have hummingbird nectar on the windows that blew across the 8-foot porch. I spent the entire day inside with a book and some knitting but a day is about all I can take.

All is well again this morning, other than it being "bracing". Sun's out and the forecast is for warmer days ahead (80 by Sunday). Good thing because those tomatoes HAVE to go into the ground.

Amazing that your blood thins when you live in the desert for awhile: cold never used to bother me. Will I complain about the heat in a couple of months? Not as long as it cools off at night, and it usually does. And talk about thin blood, what about the red racer (=snake, for the uninitiated) who streaked across the road this afternoon? Who woke him up so early?

Just to include a picture, I'd like show this encounter between a cottontail and the yard chipmunk. Both of them eat the seeds that I throw out for the birds.

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