July 18, 2014

Lovely days

We have not had any rain during the last couple of days. Other people have but we are in a bit of a rain shadow, thanks to Mt Glenn. Temperatures are in the 80's and there are some clouds every day. What a great time of year!

The countryside is greening up and, to maximize enjoyment, Dan and I went on different paths this morning. He took Emma for a walk to work on some conditioning for both of them: Em is getting a bit pudgy (the Lab curse). I took the horses for some grazing near the Forest, before all that lush grass dries up.

My trips (I took one horse at a time) were wonderful. So peaceful to sit on a horse that is grazing with gorgeous views no matter which direction you looked. No wildlife other than the occasional butterfly. Dan saw this lizard on his hike.

He found out at http://www.reptilesofaz.org/Lizards-Subpages/h-g-wislizenii.html that it is not only a long-nosed leopard lizard (how fun to say that), but it is a female and she is pregnant to boot. This because of the orange stripes on her sides. Always something new in the desert.


Aaron said...

Love the leopard lizard pic! I seen one here in Idaho the other day.

webb said...

Sounds like heavenly weather. glad you are enjoying it. It's even been nice here ... until today.