July 28, 2014

Sky island

To change things up a bit, and to cool off because warm, dry weather appears to have returned, we drove to the Pinalenos yesterday. It is amazing that in a couple of hours you can drive from the valley desert floor at 4000 feet and 95 degrees to tall pine trees, running water, and alpine meadows at 9000 feet and 53 degrees.

On the way we saw this tiny fawn taking a look out over the road. I told him I heard his mother calling, and thankfully he did turn around.

I had promised Emma a swim in Riggs Lake but the water was down and unappetizing, so I will have to make good at Patagonia Lake soon. Still, seeing the profusion of flowers and the total change of scenery were worth the trip.

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webb said...

So pretty and peaceful. I think you've had more rain in JULY than we have.