January 25, 2009

I could not help myself

Both seed orders arrived last week: one from Seeds of Change and the other from Seed Savers Exchange. It is always a momentous occasion, holding an envelope with the entire harvest for this summer and some for the winter too. Now it's a little package of seeds and before you know it, it has become "The Tomato Forest".

The weather is gorgeous today, and all is still fresh from the rain a few days ago. It's kind of like spring ..., so of course I could not resist. The lettuce in the garden is still producing, but it is getting a bit long in the tooth and lettuce can be planted "as soon as the soil can be worked" as it says on the seed package. Well, that is pretty much year around here.

I put some new lettuce and chives seeds in little (recycled) styrofoam cups, and also started some seeds for prairie-type flowers that should do well here. Frankly, I have never grown flowers from seed, other than sunflowers, so I thought I would give that a shot this year. The seeds were pretty tiny, and one of them (salvia coccinea - Texas hummingbird sage) needs light to germinate so we'll see. I put the salvia in the coldframe during the day, but once the sun has gone down it will join the other flat that is sitting on a heating pad in the laundry room until the seeds have sprouted.

Stay tuned.

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