January 13, 2009


Generally, after I add a post to the blog I wonder if anybody really enjoys reading it (but then I mainly blog for my own fun, or I should say, to ensure that I live consciously), and whether I will have something else to write about soon if I have no "new" activities on the schedule. But then I find it is the small, unexpected happenings that give me those special pleasures.

Today we took our horses out for a ride. Nothing new and different in our routine, although a number of people would pay money to go out on a horse in our beautiful "backyard". (And they do: they stay at Grapevine Canyon Ranch nearby). Some of our riding friends think that we are a bit boring because we seem to cover the same ground a lot, but to us that ground is just never the same. The territory we cover is varied, even within the desert shrub, and it allows for the unexpected. As we came to a favorite meadow we saw about 20 Lazuli Buntings! It is not every day that you see a flock of turquoise birds.

We go by a windmill on this ride and the availability of water in the nearby tank makes it a favorite hangout for the birds. As we sit and enjoy the wildlife, the horses graze and though they don't drink the water, it is good enough to rinse your mouth out after all that dry grass. At least Bueno thinks so.

But we don't have to go far to see some cool birds. As I was writing this, the female Roadrunner cruised by on the porch in search for some insect that might have come out to enjoy the warm sunshine.

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Emily said...

I read your posts! I love the photos and the descriptions....I am DJ's admin in the Plano office and never miss your postings....please don't stop blogging!