June 29, 2014

Morning's surprise

I am still trapping mice in the two live traps in the garden. Just one, two, or three a night, thankfully nothing like the seven I once caught in one trap. But this morning I opened the lid to find this guy. I am sorry, I would have liked him to stay and be a partner in mouse removal. Hint, this is not a rattler but a baby bull snake.

The trap is in the backyard in the shade, propped open, and I hope he finds his way out before it gets too hot. Forecast is for 100 degrees, but a chance of rain is in the forecast this week. Hurry monsoons!

This vinegaroon was on the porch when we came back, and made Emma leap. Just trying to get out of the light after a night's foraging, but they are intimidating. Poor guy had lost his tail.

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Aaron said...

Love the critters! Always enjoy animal friendly posts.