June 11, 2014

A summer afternoon

The new litter of Harris ground squirrels has discovered the pencil cholla. The new growth is apparently very tasty, and the plant is taking a hit. But it is large and can do with a bit of a trim, and having this nibbled is better than having my potted plants attacked, so I just enjoy the antics.

Pencil cholla is a prickly cactus, so there is a procedure to be followed. First, you launch yourself into the plant from the patio so you get to the good parts without getting too many stickers. You pinch off a small, new, section. Then you rub it all over with your paws to get the stickers off. You clean your paws to get rid of the prickles, generally with eyes closed as this is the nasty part. You can now eat this delicious tidbit. After you do this dozens of times, you cool off on the smooth concrete. It is the life!

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