June 8, 2014


It is June. It is foresummer. It is hot. We are doing our best to stay cool: watering pots, the garden, the animals. Every couple of days I run a small sprinkler in the coop yard for a couple of hours; the hens love it and it drops the temperature there by 10 degrees. The garden is doing well, the tomatoes and peppers are indeed putting on heft and if some rodent had not nibbled a tiny cantaloupe, I could have bragged about looking forward to a melon soon.

The most fun is watering the horses. Cody, being an Oregonian loves it the most, but Bueno is not shy about butting in. Literally. Not Buggsy, the Arabian. "Are you kidding? I am a desert horse, and water makes my hooves melt".

After getting good and soaked it is time for a roll. Mud is such fun! We will have to go out in an hour or so and do the fly spraying. It is summer!


Gary Hile said...

Looks like a blast!
Hi Anneke. I'm Gary from Stuart Florida. My Wife Candy and I are friends and travel companions of the Murphy's.
Great Blog!!

webb said...

There's nothing quite so nice as a quick roll inthe dirt after a shower... unless it's slathering Body Butter all over! Love the horses!

Anneke said...

Hi Gary, welcome to the blog! I know about you :-), all good of course. Hope to meet some day.