March 5, 2014

New and improved

Sooner or later, if you live long enough, you do figure stuff out. I really liked the watering scheme I had in the garden the last couple of years. It allowed for beds to be watered individually and the micro drilled tube hoses, and later the small gauge soaker hoses, did a good job keeping the vegetables happy without wasting water.

Problem was, the valves would freeze in the winter and needed to be replaced on a yearly basis. Turning the main water valve to the garden off and draining the lines did not suffice as even in mildly freezing temperatures the valves would burst.

This year we are adopting a movable scheme with the same benefits as before. Rather than having the main supply buried, this has flexible hose above ground. I can walk on it, push the wheelbarrow across it, whatever. Still the same advantage of being able to water beds individually with small soaker hoses and, come winter I can just pick the whole shebang up, store it, and water the winter garden with a hose attached to the frost-proof faucet. Yahoo!


webb said...

Putting in a good watering system is probably numbero uno on my "What to do in Retirement" list. I am wasting way too much water with overhead watering, and not getting it everywhere that I need it.

May have to bring you in as a consultant! Fortunately, the freezing thing is normally not such a big deal here .... normally!

Anneke said...

Drip is the way to go, and have some experience that I would be happy to share.