March 17, 2014

Bat house

One of our friends "in town" mentioned having a bat problem in the summer. The bats, long-nosed nectar feeding bats in this case, were roosting on her porch, leaving behind little reminders and accompanying her into the house from time to time. This resulted in her having to sleep on her couch as she had to leave the bedroom door open for the bats to find their way out of the house.

Dan enjoys small woodworking projects, so I asked him to build a bat house for Mary and we might as well hang one ourselves. Here we see the bats around the hummingbird feeders, though not on the porch, but perhaps we could give them a roost too?

The Bat Conservation Organization provided a free plan for the house, as well as the mesh for the bats to hang from inside the roost, so here is the house.

This morning it was placed on shop/shed. I hope we will have some bat neighbors this summer.

1 comment:

webb said...

Hope you have success. We had one for a summer with no bats moving in. Then we realized that we had mounted it under power lines - duh? We really didn'thave another place, so gaveit away. Would love to attract some bats to the yard to help with the mosquitos!