March 10, 2014

How I spent my (lovely) Monday morning

Some of you may raise an eyebrow at this, but I had a great time sifting old horse manure for the garden this morning. You know, one could sit in a windowless office, wasting time in someone's staff meeting instead. Dealing with real poop is so much better than the office kind.

It was a gorgeous morning with abundant sunshine, about 70 degrees and not a breath of wind, and a great day to amend the garden soil. Every spring, and in fall for the winter beds, I add one tractor bucket of "organic material" to each garden bed. It gets lightly tilled in with a small rototiller before we install the drip lines and add protection from the animals. Then it is seeding or transplanting time.

It may seem a bit anal to be sifting the stuff, but for each tractor bucket I collect one garden bucket of rock and other debris that was swept up from the horse stalls (horses do not poop rocks). The sifted manure makes the beds light and fluffy over the years. I can't wait to get plants going again.

Peaches! We are going to have peaches! And apricots, and apples, and pears!


webb said...

I am too jealous to even make a sane comment. Am headed to that meeting now.

Aaron said...

So glad I have found your blog, I really enjoy it.
Also nice to see people co-existing with wildlife.
Sense I can't be down there most of the time, it is great to see everything through your blog!