March 10, 2010

New saddle

I have blogged before about the saddle that Cindy so graciously loaned me since our first meeting. I immediately liked it: it is light, comfortable, and it seems to fit Buggsy, and Cody, very well. I had been looking for a different saddle for awhile because the western saddle I have weighs 45 pounds, and it is difficult for me to graciously lift it onto my horse's back. But it is hard to lay out that kind of money on an untried saddle, so this loan worked out great: I knew what I wanted.

So, I have been hemming and hawing about buying the new saddle, but with Cindy leaving for Vermont soon, I needed to get on the stick. As luck would have it, while visiting an endurance rider in Benson (Heidi Vanderbilt) she mentioned wanting to sell the very same saddle that Cindy is currently using (same tree and seat), in the right size and color. Lucky me! I think I was meant to have this.

This morning Dan and I went out to Heidi's Lucky Pup Ranch, and bought the saddle! It is soft and supple, and black, and I cannot wait to try it out. Maybe later this week. Dan is planning to make new saddle tree for it.

1 comment:

Gail said...

Wonderful saddle but I needed a horn to hang on!