March 17, 2010

Garden prep

The weather is getting it back into gear: we are having some wonderful spring days. It is in the 70's today, and rather than going riding, we decided to work in the garden again before the wind started picking up, which makes working with manure a bit unpleasant/gritty.

All the beds have added compost as of today, and all have been fertilized and tilled. I just have to rake them out and reinstall the irrigation lines. When we took them down for rototilling, it was obvious that a lot of sediment had kept the laser-drilled lines from working properly last season: there was sludge in the faucets and all the filters were clogged. Dan also installed additional new metal valves as the plastic ones get brittle here in our abundant sunshine.

The fruit trees are blooming, except the fig, and I am glad they survived their first winter. In spite of our still cool nights, I did see bees doing their job on the blossoms. Before I participated in the Great Sunflower Project, I was clueless as to the many varieties of bees. Frankly, I never looked close enough. Today there were at least 3 varieties, a green sweat bee among them. Will I be able to taste a WD peach this year?

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webb said...

Your garden looks good, but is way ahead of mine! Hope to get to it this weekend. It did get two rows of peas in last weekend in a new bed. Hope you will show how you are running the drip irrigation. I'd like to try it in the future.