February 22, 2009

Walks Among Coyotes

That is what my Indian name would be, along the lines of Dances With Wolves. We have seen a lot of 'yotes in the last couple of weeks. I see, and hear them from different directions, when we are on our morning walk. Emma even got among a pack and scared the heck out of me a few days ago. They would have her for breakfast, all 68 pounds of her, if there were enough of them to surround her.

Shawna is big enough that she might have a chance, and so far they have been running from her when she charges, barking loudly. Emma has seen this, and thought that she might be tough enough for that too. I heard her bark and watched her run, and when I called her (frantically) she came trailing a couple of coyotes behind her.

We also see coyotes regularly on our rides, and frankly, they are looking very well. Fur in good condition and not rail thin. This afternoon 3 of them came to drink at our water dish, wary but in broad daylight.

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