November 14, 2016

November garden

Bit by bit I have been cleaning out the garden. Some plants are way overdue, and scorpacciatta is a good thing: eat-what-is-in-season-until-you-are-sick-of-it. I guess that's what happened to the zucchini.

But we have not yet had any frost, unlike last year, and some of the tomatoes are still going strong. All four of them are long in the tooth with some virus, but I pick a bowl of these about every other day. I will leave them until the frost kills.

It is always a sad occasion to pull up the summer garden: plants have given their all and we have had a good garden. Usually optimism for next year's growing takes over, but somehow, this year, I find it difficult to shake this heavy feeling of gloom.

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webb said...

Tomatoes? i am so jealous. Ours got leggy and full of bad spots in August, so i pulled them up. I think they were too crowded in the new beds, so will spread them out more next spring.

Yours look really good!

Had the first hard frost last night, so all the tender plants were black or lying on the ground this morning. Cold and rainy so I didn't do any work. Plenty of time and warmer days later this week to do the clean up.

Hope all is well there. We're good here.