October 16, 2016

A mystery

What happened here? How did this mouse baby get perched on top of the ceramic roadrunner?

The roadrunner was put in a very large pot on our front porch as the flowers that were planted there initially were washed out. The roof line of our house is such that all rainwater accumulates over the front door and pours into the pot. It is the only flaw the house has.

My only guess is that this little mouse fell out of a nest that maybe on the roof. He fell onto soft dirt and must have climbed onto the roadrunner head. It is not looking good for survival but I moved him to a safer and less-exposed place in the nearby, well-protected, rose garden.

1 comment:

webb said...

So now you're a mouse whisperer? Didn't realize you have enough rain at one time for that to be an issue. The mouse's solution reminds me of Mitchell saving chipmonks that fell into our pond by building a chicken wire bridge that they could grab and use to climb out over the slick walls.

Hope all is well there. We are finally moving into "real" fall with cool evenings and sunny afternoons. I hope to spend much of this week outside doing the endof-season work and clean up in the big beds. Still plenty of time, but don't want to wait too long and have to do it in the cold.

Take care, webb