August 1, 2016

That giant sucking sound

We had significant rain yesterday afternoon (almost an inch) and the desert is drinking it in with a big gulp. I was all set for a soppy early morning dog walk with rubber boots, thinking there would be multiple puddles to wade through but not so. It did start raining again, a steady and persistent rain, the kind the plants just love.

I think that some of the birds are enjoying the rain too: while we were having breakfast, there was a white-wing dove sitting on a branch exposed with his or her beak turned up to the sky as if to go "ahh". But many birds are seeking refuge on the porch in between visiting the feeders. The barn swallows who have nest up there with eggs or young are having a job maintaining a safety zone. Another dove was wading in the water underneath the feeder, picking out the floating seeds like bobbing for apples.

We are relishing the sound, smell, and water that rain brings. More moisture in the forecast so perhaps the monsoon is just late this year.

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webb said...

You write so evocatively; i feel like i'm on your porch with the feathered ones! Glad you finally got some rain. We are well into the "thunderstorms every afternoon" time of year, so are getting relief from the heat as well as water for the plants. Life is good. Repainted the great room this week. Always so nice to have fresh paint for a few weeks.

Hope all is well otherwise.