August 30, 2016


It has been six years since I heartlessly, foolishly, and disastrously lopped off the newly arrived pear trees at the knees. And it has taken this long, and some professional coaxing from my friend Phil, to get the trees to recover and produce pears, but this year we have a crop!

We are all eating them: we, the people, Emma, the dog, Cody and Bueno, the horses, and I am sure that the cores of the pears I am eating while outside get snarfed down by the bunnies and the chickens. Nothing of that juicy deliciousness is getting wasted.

1 comment:

webb said...

You "loped off" pear trees?!? we all do something foolish now and then. Glad to see your abundance. Pears are just starting to show up in the market here, so the next couple of weeks will be nice and juicy! Enjoy!