July 13, 2016


We are all getting a bit short-tempered: hot chickens, grumpy horses, birds fighting at the bird feeders. After the 0.5" of rain about 10 days ago, there has not been any more. As a matter of fact, we went back to cloudless skies and temperatures in the mid to high 90's. We need RAIN! Where is the monsoon? Will it be a "non-soon" this year?

We and Emma are happy enough inside, by the graces of the power company, but it is tough outside. We are watering and feeding as this may be the most difficult time of year, sort of everyone else's winter time.

Somebody not cranky, lounging behind a watering can. He must have just had a meal as he was not protesting too much at being relocated to the desert.


webb said...

having second thoughts about that desert.... not a critter that i want to meet.

Aaron said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing. Love that your kind hearted to the animals.