July 9, 2016

Birthday cactus

It is rather late for a cactus to be blooming, but here you have it. Mom rules! This cactus in our "yard" generally blooms in April, around my friend Kath's birthday, so I call it "Kath's Flower". Frankly, it may have bloomed earlier but as it is hidden by other vegetation, I may have missed it putting on its display. Then again, these fireworks are hard to miss.

Dan noticed it blooming today, and surprisingly, it is another friend's birthday today! Happy Birthday,  Maureen!

1 comment:

webb said...

Wow! gorgeous! assume this means you've gotten at least a little of your monsoon ... Mom's nudge to the growing things to do what they are supposed to. I had asters in full bloom in early June this year... huh? Sheared them off in the hope they will do it again in October, but who knows.

It is kinda neat when they throw off blooms when you are not expecting them. Hope all is well.