September 17, 2015

Good horsey day

It starts, after breakfast of course, with spa treatments. A brushing cum massage followed by a gentler treatment followed by body (fly) spray. The mane and tail are tended to, and a mini pedi performed. Then there is a facial, complete with a warm cloth rub of eyes, nostrils and lips. Finally, we are turned out to graze for a couple of hours. Life is good!

There is not a lot of grazing on our property, it having been woe-fully overgrazed before we bought it. But, over the years grass has sprouted here and there and we encourage it by mostly letting it be. We do let the horses graze these small spots in the late summer, and it is much appreciated as it is a nice change from the dry hay. It is great to have corral panels that can be easily moved from one location to another.

In case you wonder what's with all this sudden blogging activity on my part, I have a new camera. Replaced my worn-out (again) point-and-shoot with an iPhone. I am in love: best camera technology yet.

1 comment:

webb said...

the horses look awfully happy in their grassy area. hopefully it will spread a bit every year a d someday you will have real grass.

good pics from your new tech!