September 9, 2015

Chicks. Again.

My neighbor Dave wanted to replace his flock this fall and gave me the opportunity to piggyback onto his order if I wanted more chickens. Last year I got 6 easteregg layers to replace the older chickens I had lost to coyotes. The chickens and coyotes had lived in peace for a number of years, but suddenly hens disappeared and we saw evidence of coyote entry into the chicken yard.

We fortified the yard of course, and all was well until Valentine's Day when a coyote climbed the 4 foot gate and squeezed himself between two sections of field fencing to make off with Marilyn and Hazel. Not a happy day. The remaining 4 hens are now grown and laying eggs, as is Goldy their older (2007) "sister".

This time I opted for Golden Buffs as they were well rated by the hatchery and these birds will be the same size as the current flock.

Dan and I had to be in Tucson on Apple business so we were able to pick up the box of chicks that were shipped from Ohio just yesterday. They were a lively bunch and ready for food and water.
Dave and I quickly installed them in their new home in Dave's coop and it took no time for them to drink and eat. I am sure they will currently be in a "nap attack".


webb said...

so cute!!

Ri Home said...

That's very cool. But I have to ask, what is an Easter Egg layer. Are the eggs only used for coloring or can they be eaten? God, don't I sound like a coastal person?

Anneke said...

Love your question! An Easter Egg layer lays greenish shelled eggs. The inside egg is just as good as any home-laid egg. They call them Easter Eggers because they do not require coloring I suppose. If you come across any, don't throw them out like one of my customers did the first time she got our eggs. She thought they were spoiled. Now that is pretty "city"😧.