August 10, 2015


It has been a great year for the fruit trees. Or let's just say that they produced a lot of fruit. The peaches are nearing the end, after a month of snatching one walking by the counter where they were waiting consumption or freezing, or walking by the trees on my way to the coop.

I am not ambitious to preserve our bounty from the garden or the orchard. I was raised eating "in season" as my mother would shop daily to buy fresh produce. We ate whatever was available until we were "done" and then it was onto the next vegetable or fruit in the market. But I have frozen bushels and bushels of peaches. Four peaches and a banana provide the main ingredients for a post-cycling smoothie during the year. And, being on the bike three times a week, we go through a lot of peaches.

This is the first year the Italian plum is producing. The tree was initially unhappy in its location. It is fairly close to the house where the soil was heavily compacted and although I added a tractor bucket of manure, it took a couple of years to feel at home. I will need to keep an eye on the fruit as I saw some birds investigating them.

It is the second year for the pears. Not all of them are bearing, but as I was the one setting them back in development, I still am patient.

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webb said...

Wow! Have been struggling with tomato glut here, but you have a much worse issue with all that fruit. It's a great problem to have.

Do you know the you can make fruit pie filling and freeze it to cook later. Just line your pie pan with plastic wrap, freeze the filling, and then rewrap in foil. I do it with both peachez and berries and then just put the frozen filling into pie crust and bake a little longer than usual.

Hope all is well there.