June 18, 2015

It's June

It is hot. It is dry. It is breezy. It is not my favorite time of year.

But I am not complaining. Honest. Here it is only a couple of weeks a year that it is not fun to be outside; I have lived in a place where it was the other way around. So we are up early, hike, bike, garden, do chores and are inside by 9 am.

Native animals don't care. Here is a family, though there was not a parent in sight, of teenage gambel quail doing their ablutions after breakfast. Right now there are many quail families, gamble as well as scaled quail, and lots of young cotton tails and jack rabbits.

Every month brings its own insects. I saw this walking stick on the patio door and in the garden are several varieties of bees and butterflies sipping from the flowers and drip irrigation.


webb said...

Isn't it neat how baby birds all kinda look alike? That gives lie to the ugly duckling, I know, but the quail look a lot like the baby geese in our neighborhood pond. Then they grow up and look like mom and dad. The gambrils are darling!

Ri Home said...

So, how hot is hot? And being from the Pacific Nothwest was it hard to get used to the change in climate?

Anneke said...

Well, I call 100+ hot, but believe it or not but that is how hot it will be in the PNW this weekend. It only gets up to 105 or so here in June, when it is still dry. In July we often get thunderstorms in the pm, cooling things off and adding humidity. Frankly, that is one of my favorite times of year.

You do have to get acclimatized to heat coming from the PNW (and western Europe), but you adjust in a year or so. I was already so happy to be able to be outside almost all year, even if it is only for 4-5 hours in June.

Love your house, update your blog sometime :-)? Summer in RI?

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I can hardly imagine it being so hot you need to be back indoors by 9am! What a huge impact where you live makes on how you live your life. I find it fascinating.